Gold and Lampwork Beads Pendant 101

The Kol Collections

Kol S. Naylor, Metalsmith

I have been designing and handfabricating metalwork beginning in the early 1980's putting my lifelong artistic talents to formal training with The Miami Jewellery Institute. From alloying metal to handforming each flower and petal, completing the final piece, my enjoyment of what I do creates a piece of One-of-a-Kind Jewelery. Combining color palettes of Gemstones, Gemstone Beads and Glasswork provided by some of the most world recognized artists has allowed me to incorporate my love of color throughout my Collections.

Enjoy my work and thank you for viewing. If there are any particular pieces you would like to see in person I can easily arrange to send them to you. Custom orders in any colorways are encourgaed.

Kol S. Naylor